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Funky Accessories winks at you!

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The Funky Accessories

It is the store where you will find gorgeous accessories for everyone! Stylish accessories, carefully selected for customers who know what they want! We give you the chance to express your personal style. Discover in our store the unique piece that you have always dreamed of wearing every day! Enjoy the excellent variety in everyday bags, evening bags, fantastic scarves, classic watches, or even elegant hats!

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How it all started…

Anastasia Tausakou loves fashion. In 2005 she opens her first store, and the people of Amfiali support her.

In the beginning, it sells women’s bags and fashion accessories from renowned brands. The family business is very successful in a world that enjoys unique and quality products.

The products of the store are then enriched. In addition to outstanding bags, there are original wallets, belts and watches. With her experience in fashion and her exceptional taste, Anastasia selects and adds unique handmade jewellery made in Greece. Funky Accessories enriches its collection with items for all seasons. Emphasizing in detail and high quality, we choose handmade Easter candles, handmade charms for Christmas, beach bags and hats for summer! We welcome smart and practical accessories for men and happy, tasteful products for children!

In 2020, a second, larger Funky Accessories store opens in the heart of Pavlos Fyssas Street. Consequently, a new journey to discover even more accessories that follow the latest fashion trends begins.  In a warm and modern place, you will find beautiful bags, stylish jewellery and charms that will inspire you to lead your own style exploration! Ask our friendly staff to suggest you unique pieces that will become your next favourites. Dare to renew your appearance by getting ideas from our store!


Enjoy digital shopping therapy and explore our products from your couch! Funky Accessories now has an online store. Our e-shop is practical and reliable. We will be happy to serve you online, offering a wide variety of products. Our store undertakes to send you the accessories you have chosen in every corner of Greece! Wherever you are, at Funky Accessories there is always something new and trendy that will take your look to the next level!

We are here…

Let us know any questions, clarifications or ideas you may have. It is our pleasure to hear from you. The Funky Accessories Team is here, always at your disposal!

Nice to meet you