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Payment methods

1. Cash on delivery

Cash payment upon delivery of the products to the courier company employee who will deliver them to you.

2. Deposit money in a bank account

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 397002002002194
IBAN: GR9501403970397002002002194
Beneficiary: George Terkesidis

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0026.0406.96.0200032155
IBAN: GR9002604060000960200032155
Beneficiary: George Terkesidis

In case of bank deposit via web banking, please send us the payment receipt to the e-mail: and as soon as we receive it, the shipping of your order will begin.

3. Credit card payment via Stripe

Stripe is one of the best and most trusted software platforms for running an Internet business. An online electronic payment software that accepts all available cards (VISA, MasterCard etc.).

Its goal is to optimize the digital exit process from an online store, allowing companies to integrate a form of payment that can be customized and activated on a website or application almost instantly.

Stripe works in the back of the payment process, i.e. it is integrated into the website of each e-shop and facilitates the execution of payments. Thus, payments are completed without being redirected to another site as opposed to payments made, for example, through the popular PayPal service.

Make your purchases through Stripe and experience the absolute security and convenience of your transactions.

4. Collection from the store

You can pick up the products of your order from our store, paying with cash or card.
Please note, if some products have been booked and the customer does not come to pick them up within 1-2 working days, the booking does not exist, and the products will go on sale again.

5. Payment with Paypal

PayPal is a secure, easy way to pay. The service allows anyone to pay in any way they wish, including credit cards, bank accounts, buyer credit or account balances, without sharing financial information. Before using PayPal, you must sign up for it and declare a payment method, such as a credit or debit card.

When you make an online reservation on the website and select PayPal, you proceed to the PayPal website, where you will need to log in and choose one of the payment methods you have stated to pay. PayPal processes your payment and then takes you back to the website, where there is the booking confirmation and your electronic details. PayPal provides the payment to our store on your behalf, and the details of the payment method are not provided to us.

6. Payment with Apple-Pay

When shopping online with your iPhone, iPad or Apple Mac, you can use Apple Pay without creating an account, entering your card details, or filling out lengthy forms. Millions of people prefer Apple-Pay online.

You can start using Apple Pay as soon as you add your credit, debit or prepaid card to Wallet.

Remember you have to add your cards to all the devices you want to use with Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is an easy and fast way to pay for people who have an Apple account and, therefore, an iPhone, iPad or Apple Mac model.